Crow’s books are entertaining and frightening in their own unique way. His novels feature scenarios and people we have all experienced, but Crow takes off all the masks. He lets you seen these characters for who they really are. His work is a fascinating blend of real world, fantasy, with a hefty dose of psychological suspense. In the world of fiction, Crow’s books offer a fresh take on psychological thrillers. R.S. Crow lives in North Carolina with his wife and 4 children. He currently works as a mental health counselor for children and adolescents.


(Book one in the October Stories)

Summary: In her senior year of high school, Sarah is a good student and a gifted singer. She has a circle of friends and a close relationship with her mother. The woman in the window has been watching all of this. Stepping through into Sarah’s life, the woman in the window has no intention of leaving. The woman uses her ways – nightmares, visits, and hauntings – to cause Sarah to fear for her safety and her sanity. The more Sarah reaches out for help to others, the more she is ostracized. Then on the night Sarah believes she will be taken for good, when two bizarre and wonderful girls come to her aid. But will the three of them be enough to overcome the woman in the window?







The Bear, the Girl, and the Monkey with no Eyes 
(Book 3 in the Brothers Series)

Adobe Photoshop PDFSummary: “In a world of snakes, learn to slither.” But with his own freakish features and the supernatural powers of his daughter, fitting in is no easy task for Frank. In school, Penelope is drawing the attention of teachers who believe Frank is a bad influence on his own daughter. The snakes are circling.  The boy with the yellow eyes is always near. And Frank is about to discover he hasn’t been slithering as well as he thought. But how far will he have to go to keep his family together?

Amazon Review By T.L. Fields:
I.LOVE.THIS.BOOK. This book is my very favorite adventure from R.S. Crow to date. The characters that we get to know and love in this book are simply delightful. I laughed, cried and cheered out loud for Frank and his daughter. Crow’s work continues to evolve and mature with each of the books he offers to us. His stories weave familiar characters and thoughtful insights throughout the “series” and after finishing each one, I feel that I have learned a valuable lesson…often times it is simply a shift, much like the scrubbing of a dirty window, to more clearly see how we treat others.



Haunts of Cruelty
(Book two in the Brothers Series)

haunts-of-cruelty-2016-imageSummary: When your child goes missing, how vast does the earth become? Who can truly help? Where is comfort? And when you deliberately go into a place you never intended, what will they say

Amazon Review By J. Mericle:  Most of our worst fears never become our reality. But sometimes, for some people, they do. There is no waking up. How does one cope? How do I know what my actual response would be to the physical abduction of one of my beloved children? This is not a road I have ever allowed myself to mentally travel. Certainly not to all of it’s possible conclusions. R.S. Crow takes us down that road. In a perfectly paced, beautifully written novel, we walk with Jeremiah and Bri as they deal with the worst of all parents’ fears. True to form, Crow holds forth a mirror, dark with shadows, in which we behold things conveniently hidden in our own nature. This story is not easy to read. But it is needed. Read it.



Late Autumn Trees
(Book one in the Brothers Series)

Late Autumn TreesSummary: After suffering the loss of someone he loves, Jaden sinks darkly within himself. Sadness and guilt tempt him towards despair and violent thoughts. College seems useless. To his friends, Jaden becomes cold and almost bizarre as he alienates himself from them. In sleep, dreams confront Jaden with who he is, and deeper fears are laid out before him as loved ones die in his arms. He’s falling apart. Worse, a sword is at his neck, and it will not leave him. But where will hope be found? In dreams? In family? In the return of the girl he lost?

Amazon Review By Christina:
Hauntingly dark, a bit graphic at times, well written, raw, real and compelling. It draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Loved the blurred lines between the dream world and reality. A story that will stay on your mind long after the last page is turned.