Adobe Photoshop PDFThe Bear,
The Girl,
The Monkey with no eyes

Some people say I’m not right in the head. But what do they know? Been saying that my whole life, but it hasn’t changed a thing. Just keep on living.

I see things. What do I see? Nothing special. I see men for what they are.

Sometimes it’s nothing in particular. My mind puts things on people, or it’s more like I see what they’re trying to hide. And most of it ain’t too pretty or special. Monsters of all shapes and sizes and colors walking around on the streets and in stores, in schools and churches. Usually, the prettier they make themselves, the uglier they are deep down, you know, where it counts.

Sometimes, it’s just shades of color, like people colored blue or red or orange – depending on their temperament. A hue that puts the real idea behind who they are. At times, it’s a blackness that comes straight from their soul.

Sometimes, maybe lots of times, people just look like animals to me. All different sorts. From cuddly and cute, to clawed and nasty and things between.

Most people? You guessed it. Sheep. But not all of them. Not as many as you’d assume. And just ‘cause they’re sheep, it don’t mean they won’t rip each other to shreds if it means getting themselves a greener patch of grass. More than sheep though, is snakes. Snakes all around. But the people that are snakes, they wouldn’t believe it even if I told them, even if I showed them a picture. ‘Cause most of the well-meaning people out there, the ones with their minds set to make the world a better place, is snakes. My Pops used to say something about that. But I’ll leave that for later.