Armedica – Wedge Bolster (Choose Your Size)


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Positioning wedges are a great accessory for any flat treatment table. They are typically used to assist in positioning patients during therapy and treatments to improve comfort and practitioner access. Armedica Wedge Bolsters are available in several sizes and colors. The bolsters feature firm foam interiors with a 34-ounce heavy-duty vinyl coating. The protective vinyl exterior is engineered to protect the pillow against bacteria, stains and abrasion.

Wedge bolsters can be used to improve coordination, righting reactions, stretching and muscle tone exercises. They can also be used to help improve patient comfort while on a flat surface and to reduce muscle fatigue from holding certain positions during therapy. Please select your desired size and cover color from the drop-down menus before ordering.

Available models are:

  • AM831 20in x 22in x 8in
  • AM832 24in x 28in x 8in
  • AM833 20in x 22in x 10in
  • AM834 22in x 22in x 10in
  • AM835 24in x 28in x 10in
  • AM836 24in x 28in x 12in


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