Chattanooga FlexiPac Hot & Cold Compress 5in x 6in – 4026




The versatile Chattanooga FlexiPac is uniquely designed to function as both a heat pack and a cold pack. For warm use, the FlexiPac may be safely heated in the microwave. For cold applications, simply place the pack in the freezer until chilled. Whether you’re using the pack hot or cold, the special gel inside the pack always remains flexible and ready for use. The gel pack is designed to conform to any body shape, even when frozen. Use it on joints, muscles and more to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

The Chattanooga FlexiPac Hot and Cold Compress is reusable and affordable. The durable plastic exterior of the compress protects the interior from bacteria and may be cleaned as needed.

– Freezable to provide penetrating cold therapy
– Microwavable for soothing heat
– Flexible gel conforms to any body contour at any temperature

Part Numbers:
– 5′ x 6′: 4026


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