Custom Craftworks – Omni Cervical Relief Pillow


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Whether it’s for your clients or yourself, the Custom Craftworks Omni cervical relief pillow from MassageTools is a smartly designed pillow to help achieve correct cervical alignment and relaxation. The trademarked ergonomically designed shape of this cervical relief pillow by Custom Craftworks makes sure the head, neck and shoulders are properly aligned. In just minutes, it can help relieve tension headaches and neck pain caused by improper cervical curvature.

The soft sides support the base of the skull and neck for relaxation and still-point therapy. The neck and head are cradled. The Omni foam pillow with latest-free cover is 13 inches high, 9.5 inches wide and 5 inches thick. For your business, order our 100-pack of sanity disposable covers designed to fit the Omni cervical relief pillow.

– Latex Free
– Dimensions: 13′ x 9.5′ x 5′

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