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With the medical community increasingly recommending face down(prone) positioning to improve oxygenation and assist in the recovery from respiratory ailments such as Covid-19, ARDS, Flu, and Colds, the Earthlite Breathe Bolster Proning Kit makes this a more comfortable experience.

Used in over 200 ICUs and Critical Care units across the country as part of their COVID-19 treatment protocols, the FDA registered Earthlite Breathe Bolster makes extended proning more comfortable. The bolster is designed to improve spinal angles while proning and offers deep memory foam channels to soften the pressure points, and an adjustable face cushion to better accommodate all sizes. The Breathe Bolster Proning kit comes complete with the bolster, a compound mirror for TV viewing and reading, a adjustable headrest cushion that will accommodate vision glasses and two washable microfiber headrest covers. C-PAP compatible.

Provides a comfortable face down (prone) experience for covid-19, flu, and cold recovery:
Dramatically improves comfort for extended face down positioning by ensuring improved spinal alignment for the lower back and a comfy padded cushion for the face.

Medical Grade, Hospital Proven
Used in over 200 Hospital critical care units, nationwide to provide comfort during Covid-19 treatment and recovery. Patented design provides ultimate support for extended face down comfort.

Enlarged Breathing Channels
Creates more space for extended face down respiration. Will work with most CPAP machines. Adjustable face crescent cushion for improved comfort and fit.

Watch TV, Read, Text While Prone
Our patent pending raised platform and compound mirror enable you to continue to do many of your favorite activities while proning.

Recessed Alcoves for Large Client Comfort
A generous 41’x 19.5’x 8′ cushion is enhanced with luxurious memory foam and Dacron padded recesses for chest and stomach.

Complete Bolster Kit
Includes a FDA registered bolster, headrest cushion, compound mirror, and 2 microfiber headrest covers.


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