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The Massage Star by Acuforce is a powerful handheld massager that delivers top-notch relief to sore muscles and tense spots. The Massage Star has 3 applicators including a wedge, a wide point and a narrow point. The wedge on the top of the tool can be used to perform muscle-stripping and cross-fiber friction massages. The wide and narrow points can be used to perform trigger point therapy and reflexology on various parts of the body.

The unique massage tool weighs just 11 ounces, making it easy for virtually anyone to use the product with success. It can be used for self-care or in a clinical setting to treat clients. The massager is finished with a soft, durable coating that is easy to grip and won’t become overly slippery when used with creams or oils. The small Massage Star comes with an instructional booklet and video.


  • The Massage Star assists the user providing additional force
  • 3 Points of Interest: Wedge, Narrow Point & Wide Point


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