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The Earthlite Prone Comfort Bolster and Headrest offers a proven unique support cushion ideal for face down treatments and recovery, especially for larger clients who can’t lie comfortably on their stomach for extended periods.

Proven Face Down Comfort Bolster
Patented design provides ultimate support for face down positioning after procedures, therapy or lower back relief.

Recessed Alcoves for Large Client Comfort
A supportive cushion structure is enhanced with generous, dacron padded recesses for chest and stomach. Removable stomach cushion allows for larger client comfort.

Enlarged Breathing Channels
Creates more space for extended face down respiration. Will work with most CPAP machines. Adjustable face crescent cushion for improved comfort and fit.

Fda Registered. Commercial Grade for Professional Use.
Constructed from CFC-free urethane foam and fully upholstered with water and fluid resistant upholstery.

Made By Earthlite
The world’s leading massage and wellness equipment and supplies manufacturer since 1987.


  • 41′ long x 21.5′ wide x 8′ tall.
  • Generous 7′ diameter breast recesses.
  • Tapered 15′ x 17′ stomach recess provides ample supported space with removable cushion for larger clients.
    • Earthlite Prone Comfort Bolster

      The Earthlite Prone Comfort Bolster and Headrest offers a prov…


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