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The Prone Pillow is a great addition to any bodyworker’s supply of must-have massage accessories. This innovative product allows you to modify your Oakworks stationary table to both enhance your client’s comfort and well-position your client to improve access to his or her cervical and thoracic spine. It is designed to also reduce cervical extension and flexion during bodywork treatment.

Although the Oakworks Prone Pillow benefits stationary tables, it is designed for use with a wide variety of massage tables, as well as fluoroscopy tables. This versatile pillow offers superior client positioning and works with any size or shape of patient. The soft contact surfaces deliver fantastic support and comfort without obstructing the client’s breathing. The large open area in the center provides your client with greater ventilation and reduces the risk of those dreaded claustrophobic feelings that are experienced by some clients.

The Prone Pillow by Oakworks is beneficial in many different massage types. T he low profile of the pillow is designed to encourage proper spinal alignment and will help to improve the overall quality of the massage experience. It’s ideal in myofascial release in a prone position, trigger-point dry needle therapy and more. This lightweight travel-friendly pillow is portable enough to take anywhere. The face pillow comes pre-mounted to a bracket , although it attaches to any massage table by using pre-drilled screw holes. The Prone Pillow is finished with brown vinyl and is easy to keep clean and disinfected.

The Prone Pillow by Oakworks is a practical, helpful addition within a professional spa environment, physical therapy clinic, imaging office and more.

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