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If you’ve ever had a massive headache or simply needed to take away the stress of a long day or difficult commute, get relief with the Tingler Head Massager from MassageTools. This unique head massager sends shivers and quivers down your spine as you experience its tingling sensation. The manual head massager has become somewhat of a ‘cult classic’ over the years, offering a wealth of massage tool benefits. It’s easy to use and delivers a spine-tingling massage sensation with very little work. The Tingler Head Massager is much more beneficial than simply rubbing at your temples.

This little ditty is fun at parties, at home alone with someone special, at your desk at work, when you need a little afternoon pick-me-up or a relaxing scalp massage after a long meeting. The acupressure massager consists of a petite copper handle attached to long copper prongs that glide easily through the hair to reach the scalp. When the handle is manipulated, the prongs move and vibrate, delivering a gentle massage sensation. Because there are so many nerve endings in the scalp, even gentle stimulation provides intense relaxation and stress relief. However, there are even more benefits to using the Tingler! Head massages have been shown to improve scalp circulation, which helps the overall health of hair. Using a scalp massager also stimulates hair follicles to promote new hair growth as well as strengthening the hair shaft of existing hair. Because a head massage relaxes neck and scalp muscles, users find they even sleep better.

A Great Introduction to Acupressure Massage

The Tingler Head Massager is a great way to introduce someone to the incredible sensation of acupressure massage without overspending on fancy spa treatments. Ideal for gift giving, this personal massage tool is designed to deliver all of the benefits and sensations of a professional head massage, but at a fraction of the cost and you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own home. The head massager is made of high-quality copper, so you know it’s built to last and will give you years of satisfaction and lasting relaxation.

The Tingler is fashioned from copper, including the handle and prongs, for its healing benefits. Copper has been thought to help promote circulation and has been used for years to help arthritis sufferers. In addition to being known for healing properties, copper is also incredibly durable and can stand up well to most types of hair products and repeated use without difficulty.

Using the Tingler

Operating the Tingler Head Massager is easy. Simply bend open the copper prongs to fit your personal head shape and size. Then, move the massager slowly from the crown of your head down to just above your eyebrows and then back towards the crown. Repeat the motion as many times as you like for an unbelievable massage sensation, reaping the benefits of a sensational head massage.

Tingler Head Massager Features:

– Polished copper handle
– 99% solid copper prongs
– Durable and easy to clean and sanitize
– Adjusts to fit all head shapes and sizes
– Includes red velvet carry case


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