Wedge Massage Bolster – Oakworks (24 inches x 10 inches x 24 inches)


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Use the Oakworks Wedge Massage Bolster with your massage table to create a backrest or elevate the legs of your clients. This wedge cushion works well with lightweight massage tables that do not feature integrated back rests. It also works especially well for geriatric clients and pregnant clients. You can use this massage wedge bolster with the QuickLock Face Rest platform to quickly and easily create a backrest for any massage table. When you place your order, choose from PVC-Free TerraTouch or UltraTouch upholstery fabric for your wedge massage cushion. You can also choose from an array of relaxing neutral and muted colors for your bolster’s upholstery. This bolster is 24 inches square and 10 inches high with a 36-degree incline.


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